Stephanie Plattes



Translating is an art that requires a surprising skill set: in-depth knowledge of foreign languages, an excellent grasp of your mother tongue, solid technical, editing and stylistic skills, an understanding of the topic at hand, employing industry-specific vocabulary, mastering specialised software, an awareness of different cultures and the target audience, adherence with client instructions and their brand identity.

This is why it is highly recommended to use a professional translator for your translation projects.

Additional services:

Editing (monolingual): I check for consistency, flow, style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your documents.

Proofreading (bilingual): This option includes a comparison of the translation against the original text, in addition to all the benefits of the editing option. During this stage, I ensure that the translation is a complete and faithful version of the original document.

Web translations

When a project involves translating online content, Web rules and codes can often be neglected.

In effect, certain types of content impose additional requirements: character limits, SEO keyword searches, and creativity. I am trained in these techniques and very familiar with working on web translation projects on behalf of advertising agencies. I always adhere to specifications and each unique brand identity.

Monolingual Proofreading - French only

At a time when we are bombarded with information, well-written content without any grammatical mistakes or typos is more important than ever. Your text defines your reputation and credibility.

Stand out from the crowd thanks to your impeccable content!

I meticulously review your work, reports, minutes of meetings, brochures, advertising campaigns, etc. I ensure that they are written in good French while eliminating any typos, punctuation errors, and grammatical blips. Finally, I make sure that the content is pleasant to read!

Multilingual Project Management

Some clients require the translation of their content into several languages. Given that professional translators only translate into their mother tongue, this type of project requires the participation of several translators.

To facilitate the task for you, I coordinate the translation of your textsinto each language. I engage the services of experienced translators who, to ensure quality and to abide by professional practices, only translate into their mother tongue and specialise in your domain. As I oversee the entire process, you only ever have one point of contact.


The price of a translation depends on several factors: the languages requested, urgency, volume, file format, technical nature of the text, formatting required and proofreading, etc.
For this reason, I always ask to see your documents before sending you a free quote.
I generally charge for translation based on the number of words contained in the file to be translated.

Once again, several factors need to be taken into account: the format of your files, the number of pages, the nature of the text to translate, any research required, and my workload at the moment when you place an order.
To avoid any bad surprises, I always indicate my best turnaround time in the quote that I will send to you.

As a member of ALTI and CBTI, I follow their respective Codes of Conduct and never divulge any confidential information.
Moreover, I apply the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the greatest rigor, in terms of the procedures that I have implemented.


What happens during the translation of a project?

After reviewing your files, I promptly provide you with a free quote.
Once I have received your approval, I translate your documents in line with the agreed budget and schedule.
If I need more details or have a question during the project, I will notify you via email.
If you request the proofreading option, I will use the services of a colleague to review and check my translation.
I will send you the translation by the scheduled date and, when appropriate, send you any comments.
I apply any amendments requested to the translation and send you the final version.