Stephanie Plattes

Areas of expertiseAreas of expertise

Over the years and following various projects, I started to specialise in fields that I am passionate about.

If your request is not within my competencies, I will be completely honest and let you know before recommending an appropriate colleague within my network.




Never underestimate the consequences of a poor translation! It could damage your reputation and brand or cause your marketing campaign to fail.

Entrust your business documents today to a professional translator, and let your staff go back to focusing on their daily tasks.

Certain types of marketing content impose additional requirements: character limits, SEO keyword searches, and creativity. I am trained in these techniques and very familiar with working on marketing & communication projects on behalf of advertising agencies and translation agencies. I always adhere to specifications and each unique brand identity.

Types of documents that I translate for businesses:

  • Flyers and brochures
  • Internal magazines
  • Press Releases
  • Internal correspondence
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Documentation for trade fairs and shows
  • Training and e-learning platforms
  • Business reports
  • Slogans
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Blog articles
  • Advertising materials
  • Campaigns for social networks


Do you manage a hotel, restaurant, boutique lodgings, tourist site, or attraction? Are you in charge of communications for a nature park, a tourist office, or a tourist region?

To attract more customers and tourists, you know that you should speak to them in their mother tongue. Your target audience will have more trust and give more consideration to your proposals.

I regularly translate the following types of content for tourism service providers:

  • Websites
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Restaurant menus
  • Guest information packs
  • Tourist guides
  • Mobile apps
  • Notice boards, information displays, and signage
  • Documentation for museums and exhibitions
  • Travel descriptions and itineraries
  • Campaigns for social networks


Do you work in the field of innovation or sustainable development? Are you making a positive contribution towards society and the future world thanks to the products or services that you offer?

Fascinated by progress and new technologies, I am passionate about helping to spread knowledge and innovations in this field.

I translate the following documents for companies, NGOs, community groups, and government ministries:

  • Websites
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Documentation for trade fairs and shows
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • User manuals
  • Technical sheets
  • Reports and minutes of meetings
  • Questionnaires and surveys


Healthcare, food, well-being, sport, nature, natural cosmetics, sustainable fashion – do you offer products or services in one of these sectors?

Do you organise sporting events, personal development seminars, or training for the education sector?

I share your passion for well-being and place it at the heart of my daily actions! Consequently, I would be delighted to help you to translate all of your lifestyle and well-being documents.

A few examples of projects that I work on:

  • Websites
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Campaigns for social networks
  • Product descriptions
  • Catalogue products
  • Reports and minutes of meetings
  • Magazines
  • Nonfiction books
  • Handbooks
  • Training materials